Dry Skin / TEWL: Transepidermal Water Loss

As the seasons’ transition and the colder weather is fast upon us, I’m seeing a lot of dryer skin in the treatment room.

This is true even with traditional oily skin types. Leaving many wondering why with this type of skin they’re still experiencing bouts of dryness.

Many are not aware of the term Trans Epidermal Water Loss Otherwise known as TEWL.

What is it? It is a loss of water internally from the epidermis that occurs through evaporation processes.

TEWL can be experienced when there is damage to the skin barrier. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other type of contact dermatitis then you have a weakened skin barrier.

When you experience Trans Epidermal Water Loss, the function of the layers of your skin are impaired thus leading to a impaired skin barrier.

This not only leads to water loss and dryer skin, but it can also allow other pathogens to enter the skin and can be the host to other many other skin concerns, which is why you find dryer skin to be more sensitive and easily sensitized.

Repairing the skin barrier includes the addition of a moisturizing regimen that includes several types of moisturizing ingredients. Including humectants , occlusives & emollients.

  • Humectants work by drawing in moisture from their surrounding environment. While humectant ingredients can hydrate your skin by pulling in water from the air, they can also dehydrate your skin by drawing moisture out of the deeper layers of skin when the air is dry.
  • Occlusives seal in moisture to your skin and prevent irritants and pathogens from getting inside. Occlusives are often combined with humectants to increase skin hydration.
  • Emollients make the surface of your skin smoother and softer.

Additionally, as you may know, I am a huge advocate of building healthy skin from within. So including a healthy dose of Essential Fatty Acid’s EFA’s essential to provide your skin with a fight chance against Trans Epidermal Water Loss

Building and balancing your lipids or healthy fats are critical for cell structure, functionality, and energy, as well as organs and body insulation and protection.

Bottom Line

Dry, dehydrated skin is a common problem for many women. But I especially see it with mature skin. If you’re struggling with Mature, Dry, Sensitive skin or any other skin conditions be sure to contact me to set up an in-person or virtual skin consultation.

Many Blessings! & I Look forward to helping you achieve happy healthy skin from within!

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